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Enhancing Physical, Mental, Financial, and Social Well-Being for all seniors in San Diego

Our Current Initiatives for San Diego Seniors

San Diego Flood Rescue Team 2024, senior women in rescue boat with her dog
Photo credit: San Diego Union Tribune

Help San Diego Seniors Recover from the Floods​

We’ve launched the San Diego Seniors Flood Recovery Fund: a beacon of hope for seniors battling the aftermath of the floods. Your donation will become a lifeline, ensuring no senior alone navigates this hardship.

While we understand the desire to help individuals directly, our goal is to maximize the impact of each donation. By donating to our San Diego Seniors Flood Recovery Fund, we will direct the monies to established non-profit organizations engaged in disaster response and relief; we leverage their expertise, infrastructure, and experience to efficiently distribute aid and resources to a wider range of people in need.

Help Us Send Seniors On Safari to the Safari Park

This February, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is offering free admission to seniors ages 65 and over. However, many seniors in our community do not have access to transportation to enjoy this special opportunity. That’s why we are reaching out for support to provide bus transportation and ensure these seniors can participate in Senior Day at the Safari Park.

Your gift will provide an exciting and educational outing for seniors who otherwise may not have this chance. With your help, we hope to bus over 500 seniors from local senior centers and other communities to the Safari Park later this month.

A Looming Crisis: Why You Should Care

By 2030 SD County’s 60 and older population will increase by 130%
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of seniors over age 60 who live alone
0 %
of seniors face severe economic hardship in meeting even the most basic of needs
1 in 0
of seniors face severe economic hardship in meeting even the most basic of needs

If we’re lucky, we will be a senior someday.

Our Mission

To increase awareness and action toward issues impacting seniors and to increase philanthropy to senior-focused organizations. Together, we can create a future where seniors are no longer vulnerable but vibrant.

Less than 3% of charitable giving nationwide is directed toward programs for senior citizens
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We Need Your Help

The San Diego Senior Community Foundation (SDSCF) is working to improve the quality of life for seniors in our region through the power of philanthropy.

Areas of Focus

  • Innovating & Empowering Senior Centers
  • Senior Orphans – Senior Loneliness and Isolation
  • Senior Homelessness Prevention
  • Caregiving
  • Policy and Advocacy for Older San Diegans
  • Senior’s Sense of Purpose – Volunteerism and Return to Workforce
  • Elder Fraud Prevention
  • Intergenerational Programs / Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Leave No Senior Alone

SDSCF is partnering with community-based organizations across San Diego County to support at-risk seniors and combat the negative effects of social isolation.

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Our Partners

Ways to Give

By giving to SDSCF, you can be sure that your money is going to fund initiatives, programs, and infrastructure that will directly support seniors in San Diego. Help ensure that all seniors have someone they can turn to and trust.

Give Now

Empower seniors today and make an immediate impact on their lives.

Give Later

Plan for the future of senior well-being with legacy and estate gifts.

Corporate & Nonprofit Giving

Partner with us to support seniors and strengthen our community.